Christine Carlton – A Story Can Make The Difference

Christine CarltonWorkshop Title:

A Story Can Make The Difference

Workshop Description:

Storytelling is at the heart of the human experience and it influences change at an individual as well as at an organisational level. In this workshop participants will explore the power of storytelling to:   – encourage personal growth, self-confidence, and self-esteem   – strengthen teams, build relationships and meaningful connections  – improve communication   – develop positive problem solving, risk-taking and collaboration  – encourage creativity and flexibility  We will use stories that are true, improvised, traditional and metaphorical.  The workshop will be an interactive space where old stories are celebrated and new stories will unfold.

If people got the best of the session what would they leave with?

– an appreciation of the formative and transforming power of story
– a practical understanding of the applications of story at work and in the cultural and social context of our lives
– an experience of the fun and versatility of story

How is this session connected to the conference theme?

A living story is a changing story. For a life-giving culture to flourish the story continues to unfold drawing wisdom from the stories of the past and contributing current insights to shape a healthy, vibrant new story for the workplace, family or community.

About the Workshop Presenter:

Christine Carlton has worked for over twenty-five years as a freelance Facilitator, Storyteller, and Consultant in Story and Drama in Education and Community Development. Throughout Australia and overseas she enables people to explore possibilities for their own creativity and leadership. Christine offers storytelling workshops with adults and children, facilitates leadership and team-building processes; professional development training, teacher in-service and reflective retreats. She is regularly called upon to provide creative leadership and group facilitation and be storyteller in residence at state and national conferences.  Christine is the President of the Australian Storytelling Guild (NSW)

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