Deborah Lange – Truth Tales

DeborahLangeWorkshop Title:

Truth Tales

Workshop Description:

This is an invitation to come and play with voice, language, story, movement as we explore what happens when we speak “white lies” and what happens when we speak ‘truth tales” and become a new generation of Truth Tellers.

If people got the best of this session what would they leave with?

New ways to share stories of ourselves so we can speak our truth. New ways to share stories that make the unseen and undiscussable visible in our lives and organisations.

How is this session connected to the conference theme?

It is directly relevant. If we can tell ‘Truth Tales” in our organisation one story at a time in a way that is safe for us and safe for others we are changing the culture through our stories.

About the Workshop Presenter:

Deborah Lange, Mentor, Author, Lifelong Educator is dedicated to facilitating human potential and co-creating cultures where people thrive.  Her passion has taken her to all corners of the globe to learn from both ancient and new wisdom. She had her body painted by the Himba people in Namibia; connected with nature with the bush men in the Kalahari; danced with street kids in Soweto to say “no” to sexual abuse; was inspired by world class violinists and artists in Slovenia; walked a song line in Australia with Indigenous people; whispered with horses in Colorado and so much more.    She Speaks, Mentors and Facilitates on topics such as, Embodied Leadership, Leadership and Followship for Engagement in Organisational Culture, Integrating Logic and Intuition and Play Creates Cultures where people thrive.    She holds a Masters Degree in Social Ecology, Business Degrees in Human Resource Development and Graduate Diplomas in Education, Learning, the Arts and Language.


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