Jenny Hutt – Reverse Roles!

Jenny HuttWorkshop Title:

Reverse Roles!

Workshop Description:

Effective interpersonal and inter-group engagement can be compromised during cultural change, just when we need it most. Positions may be held to rigidly, there’s pressure to get somewhere fast, and insecurity about the future or unresolved hurts can undermine a willingness to trust each other.    The use of role reversal can bring life to these situations. Drawn from the psychodrama method, role reversal is a way of entering into the experience of others. It generates fresh perspectives, bringing sometimes surprising insights. Participants can expect to experience role reversal and reflect together on what informs it and makes it successful.

If people got the best of the session what would they leave with?

Experiences of role reversal; seeing role reversal being facilitated; gaining insights into underlying principles of spontaneity and warm up; new insights.

How is this session connected to the conference theme?

This is about revitalising real life situations.

About the Workshop Presenter:

Jenny Hutt is a Sociodramatist and Director of Training at Psychodrama Australia’s Melbourne Campus. She is an experienced coach, consultant, facilitator and trainer with a special interest in workplace diversity, intercultural learning, leadership and group work. She has extensive experience using action methods, psychodrama and playback theatre.

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