Niall McShane – Agile User Stories

NiallWorkshop Title:

Agile user stories: how to work iteratively in a plan-driven world

Workshop Description:

There is a natural tension between those with a world view that says “work to a plan” and those that prefer an emergent approach.     This session will draw upon the presenter’s many years as an agile coach; providing a toolkit of techniques to help participants deliver projects/initiatives in their workplace in a manner that balances the need for a plan but leaves room for the emergent.    Central to agile is the concept of a user story; this technique will be teased out to illicit learnings that are transferable into any situation where a set of one party’s requirements must be delivered by another.

If people got the best of the session what would they leave with?

The adoption of agile user stories as a means to manage project requirements has a lot to do with the neuroscience of leadership; how the leader’s brain is “wired”.

How is this session connected to the conference theme?

Telling a user story is a the heart of modern agile; this is a nice fit for the conference as agile is really about changing culture through the adoption of ceremonies and practices. One such practice is the user story construct.

About the Workshop Presenter:

Consultant, coach and agile specialist with a passion for delivery outcomes but not at the expense of  the people doing the work. Interested in the role of neuroscience in agile delivery of large-scale technology projects.

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