Richard Lawton – Raise your voice and propel your story

RichardLawtonWorkshop Title:

Raise Your Voice & Propel Your Story

Workshop Description:

It’s time to speak out… do you want to be seen and heard?…a voice and body awareness tune-up and some techniques for raising vocal levels. An intro to making clear bold colourful statements, including pointers towards expanding and enjoying your storytelling identity.

If people got the best of the session what would they leave with?

A strong sense of the power in their voice and how to put their story out in the world. They’d also feel really energised and have raised their oxytocin levels

How is this session connected to the conference theme?

Your story may be terrific, but if people can’t hear you, or if there’s any part of you that is holding back from really telling it like it is, then it’s going to be lost. This is about gaining clarity and certainty in your story telling identity.

About the Workshop Presenter:

Over the last twenty-five years, on three continents, Richard has introduced hundreds of people to the power of their voice, and the flow-on effects; including increased confidence, and presence. As a theatre director and performing arts lecturer, Richard worked with the Sydney Theatre Company, N.I.D.A., V.C.A., and Monash University, where he won the Vice-Chancellor’s award for excellence in teaching.

In the corporate setting he coaches people to tell stories powerfully. He works a lot with executives who need some simple pointers to influence the people in front of them. He is the presentation skills coach for the Victorian Bar Association’s training course, (“lose control of the narrative and you lose the case”) and specialises in helping people find the power in their voice. He runs 2 community choirs and volunteers in a local hospital’s eating disorder unit as a means of facilitating that.

He co-facilitates the seminar; As She Speaks, for the diversity programs of large companies, helping female executives crack the glass ceiling. He is also specialist in body language and his time as a theatre director taught him a special knack of bringing out the best in people, working from the inside to the outer; fast tracking clients in uncovering and re-arranging belief systems. He is interested in the paradox of how autobiographical material intersects with corporate storytelling.

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