Andrew S Gilbert – Using Narrative techniques with young people before the courts

An understanding of how narrative techniques can be used to improve the agency of young people before the courts and how these techniques are applicable in areas such as workplace supervision and clarifying the values and goals of an organisation.

Narrative Therapy Techniques can be creatively applied to a wide range of workplace challenges.Seeing how it works in the challenging environment of youth justice allows participants to imagine how it might apply to other workplace situations.

This session would include an explanation and examples of Narrative Therapy techniques. A description of specific Narrative techniques used in counselling sessions with young people. A short practical session exploring a narrative technique using story elements and led discussion on how they might be successfully utilised in other workplace settings.

About Andrew S Gilbert:

Andrew S Gilbert has a extensive background as a celebrated actor in Film,Television and Theatre.He is also a widely experienced teacher and lecturer in Screen studies and acting at a Tertiary level.He presently works for Boston University Study Abroad program,as a Corporate trainer for NIDA and works In the Justice System with young offenders and various upstream programs preventing violence against women.He also has a private Narrative Therapy Practice. He is a graduate in Acting from the WA Academy of Performing Arts (WAPPA) and has Masters in Applied Theatre Studies(UNE)and Graduate Certificate in Narrative Therapy and Community Work (LaTrobe).

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