Andrew Shirres – Strengths through stories: the role of visual and literary metaphors in human service practice

Sometimes the ‘issue’ or ‘problem’ can be all consuming, constructing narrow short-stories that can, even unintentionally, disempower the people we are hoping to support, creating a dynamic that impacts upon the workers’ well-being and affect the culture of the organisations where they are based.

This workshop will explore the use of simple yet sophisticated visual and literary resources to encourage richer conversations to be had and enable the most helpful stories to be told. Participants will practice using a range of materials and techniques that can be applied easily in a range of settings, both within organisations and throughout the community.

Strengths-based ‘parallel practice’ acknowledges that the way in which we work with others can determine not only effective work with others but our own well-being and our organisational cultures.

You will find yourself leaving this workshop:

  • Having experienced the way in which sometimes surprising, ‘left of field’ strengths-based stories can be developed through the use of visual tools and resources.
  • Having practiced and having developed confidence in applying different techniques that enable their use.
  • Having new ideas on how visual resources can foster practice refection, improve worker well-being and influence workplace culture.

About Andrew Shires:

For more than 10 years now Andrew, in his current role as the practice development coach for St Luke’s Innovative Resources, has been a facilitator of workshops around strengths-based reflective practice for human services and educational organisations across Australia and overseas. More broadly, Andrew’s background includes stints as a truck-driver, excavator operator, hotel manager, exhibiting artist, mental health social worker, program manager, amongst others, that have exposed him to the beauty of people and the stories they can tell. Andrew has a strong passion for promoting human rights and social justice, values that form the foundation for respectful, hopeful strength-based practice at all levels.

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