Annie Bolitho – Death cafe style conversations – a story tool in training

Death cafe style conversations are open and free ranging without a fixed agenda. Many personal stories emerge about death, grief and loss. One of the most difficult things for anyone, including skilled health professionals, is to sit and simply take in another’s experience of loss, uncertainty and hurt. A facilitated death cafe style conversation gives participants the opportunity to simply attend to others’ experiences. Here we can learn and grow a little more receptive, as ordinary people and professionals. There are benefits for wellbeing in knowing that the experiences, fears and growth that are associated with death, grief and loss are mysteriously held in common.

Training on grief, loss and death often focuses on the ‘head’ and ‘hands’ aspects of professional development. The storied ‘heart’ dimension enhances wellbeing for health professionals. Participants will feel enlivened by talking about death, and might be somewhat surprised to feel this way. Participants will have an appreciation that training can include sitting quietly at times, enjoying simple rituals, and the shared human experience of mortality.

About Annie Bolitho:

Annie is a facilitator, funeral organiser and educator. In her work, stories help people to connect and reflect. Annie is the author of ‘Death, a love project’, and convenes seasonal Death Cafes in Melbourne.

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