Cathryn Lloyd – Ebb & Flow: Creativity and Wellbeing

Creativity is our unique expression and way of being in the world. Just as the natural world ebbs and flows, declines or grows so too does our creativity particularly if we don’t value and nourish it. For our creative being to flourish and experience what the Ancient Greeks called Eudaimonia the idea of living well, paying attention to and having an intention for our creative life is a worthwhile pursuit. To create or not create…

This discovery-based workshop devotes attention and intention to this curious, wondrous and sometimes under explored and unknown aspect of our life. The workshop will help you inquire into where and how your creativity shows up. Why ebbing and flowing with creativity is part of the process. You are invited to explore your creative-being and nurture your well-being and develop a plan for your creative life and projects.

Research continues to provide evidence that engaging in the arts and valuing our creativity, particularly in terms of providing meaning, purpose, focus, autonomy, self worth and motivation is linked to a greater sense of wellbeing.

This workshop will see participants leaving with:

  • A new found appreciation and value of their creativity
  • A sense that creative wellbeing is possible
  • Inspiration and plan for pursuing a creative life and projects
  • Insight into the ebbs and flows within their creative life

About Cathryn Lloyd:

Cathryn Lloyd is Founder, Director of Maverick Minds Pty Ltd. Cathryn facilitates and coaches powerful and flexible learning experiences for leaders, managers, teams and professional individuals to help shift thinking, gain new perspectives and create positive long-term change. Cathryn loves working with others to create a space for inquiry and learning. Her experience across the arts, design, education, and business management sectors provides the foundation for a unique approach to the design and delivery of creative professional development workshops and programs. Maverick Minds clients include government, corporate, not for profit, universities, individuals and groups. Cathryn holds a research Doctorate in Creative Industries. She is Australia’s first certified creativity coach with the Creativity Coaching Association. She is the co-author of The Story Cookbook: practical recipes for Change published by Cambridge Scholars Publishing.

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