Chris Harrison – Giving purpose and meaning to a traumatic experience

The personal stories of Road Trauma Survivors can help shape the beliefs and behaviours of drivers who attend the groups:

  • Stories involve us in personal, emotional ways, which is different from how we respond to facts and statistics
  • This emotional power is the key to igniting action and bringing about a change in beliefs and attitudes –
  • The use of metaphor and analogy help bridge the emotional and cognitive meaning of a story
  • Stories allow us to simulate and learn from events without having to live through the experience

Those involved in a traumatic experience often have a strong need to share their experience to make a difference and by doing so this gives them purpose and meaning. It assists them in creating a new post trauma story, identity and role and assists in their own recovery and healing. This workshop will look at the benefits of those who share their personal stories of road trauma and the model it is done within so as not to retraumatise themselves or those they share with.

About Chris Harrison:

Chris has spent more than 30 years’ working as a counselor in the fields of substance use, family and youth and in education and training. For the past 12 years Chris has worked in road safety, currently the Manager of Education Services at Road Trauma Support Services Vic (RTSSV). RTSSV is based on Stories and she is continually inspired by those she works with who want to make a difference after a traumatic experience

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