Christine Hogan – Interactive storytelling techniques: Making myths meaningful and memorable

In this workshop, participants will be involved interactively with the story teller using traditional myths from many different cultures which focus on diversity.

We will discuss how these myths may be used and/or adapted to a variety of different learning contexts and cultural settings. We will engage actively in storytelling and also in:

  • identifying fun and various ways of using myths in a variety of learning situations
  • ways of debriefing myths so they are memorable as part of behaviour change
  • creating a variety of “endings” to myths.

Myths from different cultures enable us all to gain new, different and deeper insights and perspectives into our work, health and well-being. Moreover, myths have resonance and their teachings are memorable and even change over time.

Participants will leave the workshop with:

  • Interactive and new story telling techniques
  • Myths from Brazil, Thailand, Bhutan and Indonesia
  • A variety of de-briefing strategies for facilitators to use in behaviour change.

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