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In a world where our society highly focuses on rewarding our masculine characteristics, e.g. go go go, result-driven behaviours, etc. at times we tend to disconnect with or forget to leverage our feminine characteristics, e.g. being inner reflective, nurturing. etc. Both masculine and feminine characteristics are integral part of who we are and these natural traits live within both genders. It is 2019, and we need to look beyond our gender stereotypes, no matter what your gender is, let’s restore our natural intelligence and embrace all parts of us.

Join this thought provoking and highly engaging workshop, through drawing your own Tree of Life, a creative approach to self-discovery you can reconnect with your inner stories and your own unique qualities both masculine and feminine qualities. By the end of the workshop, you will feel empowered and have a sense of clarity about what actions you will need to take to bring out the best in you to lead an authentic and impactful life.

This workshop will help you:

– To understand and reconnect with their own version of masculinity and femininity (by discovering your values, strengths, shadow, passion, deepest drivers) – To be able to identify your limiting assumptions and learn to free them – To learn how to reduce judgement towards yourself and critical reflection skills for self- regulation and empowerment

About Christine Yeung:

Christine Yeung, an organisational psychologist, social innovator, founder and CEO of Beyond Story. In 2009, She started her career in psychometrics consulting at one of the leading psychometric companies. As Head of Organisational Psychology, she could indulge in her new love for data-driven research, and explore the complex yet regular patterns of human constructs, in particularly self-identity, emotions and empathy. Eight years in this role taught her to go deep. She was ready to go broad. She spent two years consulting and studying across Europe, Asia and Australia, working with businesses, non-profits and international agencies at the intersection of governance and culture. Her biggest learning was that ‘just data’ is not enough: to transform, she must connect with the stories and emotions of others, and for this, she must tap into her own emotions. In 2016, She took the next step in my social innovation journey to help people develop a strong sense of identity, understand their deepest stories and emotions, and use them to creative positive and sustainable changes in their environment. For this, She founded Beyond Story – an organisation weaving data-driven and creative approaches to expand our human capacity to thrive in complexity, and restore human-ness in our collective reality.

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