Dr Leanne Dodd, Pam Blamey, Nicki Cassimatis – Multi-genre writing and storytelling for transformation

Storytelling has had an important role to play throughout history for validating human experience, whether through joy or suffering, or the literal, lyrical or metaphorical. Just as trauma, suffering and workplace burnout may interrupt the natural flow of people’s life stories – their narratives – by ‘muting their voices’, the ‘reverse’ process, creative writing and storytelling, encourage and empower voices to be expressed (Bolton: 1999), allowing stories to be re-imagined and re-authored for better futures (White and Epston: 1990).

Professionals around the globe are increasingly collaborating, using writing and storytelling as tools for preventative and restorative well-being and transformation.

This session highlights how our collaborative group uses the written and spoken word as a powerful lens of transformation. You will have the opportunity to sample activities and hear evidence about storytelling for healing, connection and recovery, specifically through the genres of creative life writing, fairy tales, poetry and digital storytelling.

This workshop is an opportunity for participants at all levels of expertise to experience the potential of writing for well-being and sample how evidence-based storytelling activities can aid in recovery and burnout prevention. Participants will leave with an understanding of how our workshops can be tailored for clients and clinicians.

About your Workshop Leaders:

We are a collaborative group of arts/health storytelling and writing practitioners who will facilitate sample reflective practice and arts activities, and provide evidence, to demonstrate how various forms of storytelling, writing, arts and literature can play an important role in improving well-being and reducing hospital stays and doctors’ visits for professionals and consumers.

Dr Leanne Dodd (PhD Arts/Humanities) is a lecturer in Literary and Cultural Studies at Central Queensland University and a published fiction author. Her PhD research involved a therapeutic form of writing fiction. She has published academically on, and presents workshops using her innovative practice of creative life writing framed by narrative therapy.

Pam Blamey (M Mental Health) is a creative arts therapist with 28 years in the counselling field and a Professional member of the Australian Counselling Association (ACA). Pam specialises in using fairy tales, mythology and oral storytelling to examine personal and social issues, and to foster meaning-making, problem-solving and wellbeing.

Nicki Cassimatis (GC Mental Health) is a language and pastoral care teacher, workshop facilitator and published poet. She has presented at national and international conferences and events, including TEDxUQ. She is a passionate advocate for poetry as a tool for self-care in diverse clinical, community and educational contexts.

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