Geof Hill – Into the Woods – a process for developing organisational pantomime

This experiential workshop draws on Sondheim’s (1986) creation of ‘Into the Woods’ to explore the crossover of multiple fairy stories as foundations to the ways in which we operate as ‘actors’ in everyday life. The workshop process provides a way of working with individuals, groups and indeed organisations to explore the impact of scriptural interplay on organisational and life settings. It helps to raise consciousness about interpersonal relationships in work and life and how we can not only hold to a well embedded ‘script’ but, through consciousness raising, change the ‘script’.

Becoming conscious of your ‘scripts’ in everyday life help to bring a sense of well-being and mindfulness. Some ‘scripts’ may be stressful and raising consciousness about them can lead to resolution of dysfunctional ‘scripts’.

About Geof Hill:

Dr Geof Hill is the Principal of The Investigative Practitioner – a management consultancy established in 2000 to support professionals investigate their practices. Since his early training as a Psychologist he has been using drama methods as a tool for eliciting interpersonal ‘scripts’. The ‘Into the Woods’ workshop was originally devised in 1990 for a group of Early Childhood students in Sydney (Australia) and later showcased at the Transactional Analysis Conference in Sydney in November 1991. In the wake of emergence of the Performative Paradigm (Haseman, 2006), he has returned to many of his earlier facilitation methods to explore the ways in which theatre, dance, music and movement can be used to support exploration of the ways in which professional people interact with each other.


Haseman, B.  (2006) A Manifesto for Performative Research. Media International Australia incorporating Culture and Policy, theme issue “Practice-led Research” (118), 98-106.

Sondheim, S. (1986) Into the Woods . Music and Lyrics by Stephen Sondheim. Book by James Lapine.

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