Jesse Williamson – Being intimate with a story

Traditional storytellers were advisors, historians, councillors and teachers; The Wise Ones who had spent their lives absorbing the accumulated wisdom of their tradition’s stories and honing their ability to pass this wisdom on. How can we do the same today? How can we take a “bad” event and restore/re-story it into a healing, learning experience that leaves us feeling safe and in control of our lives?

The quality of storytelling work is closely connected to how much wisdom it contains. Wisdom is said to be gained from experience but working with stories can give us an experience of something without needing to actually live through it ourselves. Working with stories can also give us the ability to see our own lives as a story and this gives us perspective and resilience when faced with experiences we would have rather not experienced.

This workshop presents simple imagination, acting and improvisation exercises in the context of how they can assist us to develop a three dimensional intimacy with both traditional stories and our own life stories so that we can better access and share the wisdom contained within.

About Jesse Williamson:

Jesse the Wind Wanderer is a Storyteller, Actor and Educator who has followed his dream to become a wandering bard since he was 14 years old. He performed his first solo show, an hour of stories, in 1998 and began his professional career as a storyteller in 2006. Over the last 12 years he’s performed at schools, libraries, parties and festivals and also had stories filmed by the Department of Education to be made into to teaching and learning materials. He is vice president of the Storytelling Guild of Australia (WA), produced the ‘Story Circuit’, a traditional storytelling performance for adults, holds a BA in Linguistics and Australian Indigenous Studies and is a qualified childcare professional (Dip, Children’s Services).

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