Johanna de Ruyter – The Body of Story

Stories move us, and they move through us in ways we are not conscious to or at least not generally listening to. The body is another teller of your story and sometimes it can unintentionally tell a whole other story. What happens to the story when we let our bodies tell the story?

By focusing on the body as a storyteller, we enable another understanding of story to be revealed and to emerge outside of our logic (logos – words). Our bodies are imprinted by stories and seek their moment to speak. In this workshop, we will listen to the Body of Story.

Engaging in body based experiences lend a healing hand to maintaining self care. Culturally we are driven by our mind and our thoughts with this function often working overtime to make sense of our world. This can be energetically draining and we can get confused by what is real – our thoughts, our senses, our stories? My work aims to integrate and align all of our intelligences – mind, feeling, physical, gut, intuitive for a greater sense of wholeness and presence in how we show up and communicate with others.

About Johanna de Ruyter:

Johanna is passionate about getting people moving and utilizing movement and action for deepening expanding and strengthening communication. For over twenty years now she has been exploring the complementary relationship of communication and the performing arts. She completed a Diploma in Movement at The Drama Action centre in Sydney, she obtained a BA in Communication, a Diploma in Remedial Massage and a Black and Brown belt in two different Martial Arts. She has worked as an actor and collaborator on various award-winning improvised theatre projects both nationally and internationally and is a long-term improviser, facilitator and trainer with Playback Theatre Sydney. For over 8 years she has facilitated training in Leadership Presence throughout the Asia Pacific region for the Ariel Group. She also designs and delivers experientially based Training, Coaching and Presentations programs for a range of clients through her own company Moving Communication.

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