Kirk Fisher – Your Original Face: Zen Koans, Experiments with Freedom

A koan is a little living story. It may be a fragment of a conversation, or a poem, or a song, but it is something that is shared between people. All koans are a live encounter.

An assumption of Zen is that when we attend to what is alive in each moment, the response comes on its own. We learn to trust our life. We’ll have a brief dive into this as experience working with koans. Participants will also have a koan they can take away and continue the work from the workshop.

About Kirk Fisher:

Kirk Fisher began practicing Zen at 18, during music school. The Zen continued longer than his musical career. He entered into a formal relationship with his lineage and began koan study in 1997. His teacher, Susan Murphy Roshi, asked him to begin apprentice teaching in 2016. He works with students at the Melbourne Zen Group, the Hobart Zen Group and Zen Open Circle in NSW. He is also a facilitator, coach and educator. He founded two alternative schools and works with organisational leadership both in schools and other organisations.


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