Leo Kelly – How “then” feeds now and other wow’s

Unlike a builder’s hammer or an artist’s brush our tools are sometimes not as easily defined. There are values in our stories past and these often underscore how we see, interpret and contribute to our current creations.

Understanding our stories and the values they hold can be the catalyst to applying our true selves in the work that we do.

Participants in this session will drill into the –values that matter, why they are important and what they look like in action. The session will be based around personal reflection, small group conversation, feedback, whole group sharing and play.

Through personal reflection and storytelling we can articulate and apply the organisation’s values in what we do. As we delve the things that matter we also articulate the benefit of what we do.

About Leo Kelly:

Leo Kelly brings a suite of curious skills together as a creative facilitator with a focus on building the space for conversation. A community development practitioner Leo has a journey that that ranges all the way from Melbourne’s 80’s music scene to corporate clowning, internal communications, films poetry, illustration and song. Leo approach to story is simple. Moments matter.

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