Melony dos Remedios – Rewriting Your Fitness Story

Narratives about our own physicality and capability can impact our ability to engage in activities that bring us health. How many of us were told that “we were no good at sports” or “we run like a girl” In this workshops, Mel will provide you with proven tools to rewrite the story and apply a new strategy to your fitness empowering you to fall in love with a new story and a new lifestyle.

Movement is essential to wellbeing and longevity. This workshop will help provide you:

  • A new understanding of HOW your fitness story impacts you now.
  • Clarity on your Movement Style with a clear plan on how to fall in love with MOVEMENT to create lasting change.

About  Melony dos Remedios:

Mel is the owner and CEO of PT Academy. She’s spent the last 20 years helping people achieve their lifestyle and business goals. She has worked in senior management and leadership roles within the fitness industry and continues to be an in-demand speaker, trainer and coach on corporate health. Mel has qualifications as lifestyle coach and is an accredited NLP practitioner and has been a professional fitness competitor.

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