Nicole Feledy – Be the Author of Your Own Story Rather than a Character in Someone Else’s – The Art of Mindful Storytelling

Participants will learn the art of storytelling, practice mindfulness and strengthen their ability to be the best version of themselves. Through a series of activities, they will develop their understanding of literary narrative structure and language techniques. Then they practice mindfulness to recognise how being alert to their ‘self talk stories’ can provide the space to choose which story to attend to. As participants start to make the connections between being mindfully alert to their stories, they will use storyboarding techniques to ‘rescript’ or reshape the ‘It was meant to be’ story so they may be the author rather than the character in their life.

This workshop uses explicate mindfulness and narrative practices to help people access their thoughts. It then helps people to see the connection between those thoughts and their emotions and behaviours. This can help participants learn strategies for managing self talk and increasing mental health.

About Nicole Feledy:

Nicole Feledy has been described as a mind trainer, emotions coach and strengths teacher. While working in schools, she witnessed a growing sense of despair in many of her students. They were frustrated, lost and battling to figure out, ‘who am I’ and ‘where I belong’. Nicole wanted to help, but knew it needed to be tangible and sustainable help -a way of living rather than an add on. Using her skills as a Gallup certified Strengths Coach, Meditation trainer and English teacher she created programs to help people understand how narrative connects thoughts, emotions and behaviours. Instead of worrying about what’s missing, these programs use the power of narrative, the habits of mindfulness and the focus of strengths to help people become the author of their story rather than a character in someone else’s.

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