Pre-Con with Samantha Hardy: Conflict stories: taking the melodrama out of conflict

A Pre-conference workshop running on Wednesday 27th November from 8:30-12:30pm

More than 85% of employees experience conflict at work and when this is not managed well, there are negative impacts on the employees’ health and well-being (as well as negative impacts on the business).

In this workshop participants will explore the way that people tell stories about their conflicts, and how managers can work with employees to help them to create more constructive conflict stories. Conflict coaching helps employees manage their current conflict, but also builds their capacity to manage other conflicts in the future, improving workplace culture and saving management time!

This workshop will provide a better understanding of how people tell stories about conflict, and a coaching framework managers can use to support their employees to more constructively manage conflict now and in the future.

About Samantha Hardy:

Samantha Hardy is a leader in the field of conflict management and resolution. She has been described as both a practical thinker and a thinking practitioner.
 Sam has advanced postgraduate qualifications including a PhD in 
conflict resolution as well as many years of international experience as 
a conflict resolution practitioner. In addition to offering conflict coaching
 and mediation services, Sam is also a well-known trainer,
 university educator and writer in the field of conflict resolution.

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