Pre-Con with Yamini Naidu: Lead with humour- Human Intelligence 2.0

A Pre-conference workshop running on Wednesday 27th November from 8:30-12:30pm

You know how you feel after a good belly laugh? Your brain and body flooded with endorphins, recharged, happier. There’s a spring in your step. You feel anything is possible. Imagine amplifying this across your business, team and organisation?

Today humour is the new frontier in influence, engagement and performance. Generating laughs is Southwest Airlines official corporate motto. They test for humour as part of recruitment.

Humour? You have to be kidding, you might say. ‘I’m not funny!’. Humour in business is NOT joke telling. It’s using ‘Humour Power’: using humour skilfully and appropriately to connect, engage and inspire. Humour power can be taught and learnt. No matter what your message, humour helps you stand out and succeed.

This master class is an invitation to learn how to use humour for unprecedented business success. Are you prepared to laugh all the way to the bank?

This workshop will see you learning:

  • How to use humour safely and professionally at work
  • How to jazz up any story with funny lines
  • Tools and tips on using humour in any context

About Yamini Naidu:

Yamini Naidu is the world’s only economist turned business storyteller. She helps leaders move from spreadsheets to story.

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