Russell Deal – ‘The Third Act’: Sharing our Stories Before the Curtain Falls!

If each of our lives can be thought of as a unique 3-act play how is your third act playing out? What are the challenges, the joys, the frustrations, the hopes and the legacies you will leave behind?

This highly interactive workshop introduces a new conversation-building card set, ‘The Third Act: Notes on Life’s Twists and Turns’ to invite folk to talk about the important issues in their adult lives.

The Third Act workshop and card set has particular relevance to anyone transitioning from work to ‘retirement’ and to anyone approaching ‘old age’ where issues of health and well-being can emerge unexpectedly.

About Russell Deal:

Russell is an aging social worker who worked initially in Victoria’s prisons before becoming a welfare educator and the working as a social work publisher at St Luke’s Anglicare where he founded and directed ‘Innovative Resources’. Russell helped create some 60 ‘conversation-building’ tools that are used by human service practitioners throughout the world. Russell is now ‘retired’ but still provides supervision to social work students on placement. The Third Act card set is his first independent publication since leaving St Luke’s.

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