Simon Kneebone – Pictures of Health: 3 second stories

This workshop will give you the basics to wrestle your own thoughts and ideas about work, health and well-being into visual images that can communicate your message to others.

By the end of the session you will have at least one personal ‘3 second story’ ( roughly the time it takes a reader to ‘read’ a cartoon) that you can share through the Conference blog and beyond.

The workshop aims for participants to refine their own thoughts on the conference theme into at least one cartoon that can be shared with the conference and beyond. You will find yourself leaving this workshop with some basic skills in cartooning a ‘3 second story’ (the time it takes a reader to ‘read’ a cartoon) on any issue you are passionate about, that can be shared. Much more than just an emoji!

About Simon Kneebone:

Simon Kneebone is a cartoonist and illustrator with many years experience working with a range of community and other organisations, getting their messages into pictures that help communicate ideas effectively with humour and fun.

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