Sophie Weldon – The Future of Belonging

The Future of Belonging is an exploratory session for those who want to understand how stories can lead to reducing isolation and loneliness, one of the biggest health challenges of our time. Sophie Weldon from Humankind Enterprises will present the award-winning storytelling programs she and her team have developed to build a future of belonging and how their innovative StoryPod tool is enabling thousands of people to be heard and share their story.

This workshop will help you gain:

  • Inspiration for how to use storytelling and story-listening to create social change
  • Awareness about the power of social connection and why we all have a responsibility to build connection in our communities and workplaces
  • Innovative program ideas to help diverse communities share their story and increase their social connections
  • Motivation to further help create the Future of Belonging

About Sophie Weldon:

Sophie Weldon is Founder and Managing Director of Humankind Enterprises. She has expertise in strategic storytelling for social change, community engagement and embedding social connection principles and tactics within communities and organisations. She believes in the fundamental value, joy and challenge of human connection, the power of intergenerational learning, and the catalytic role of storytelling to build social bonds belonging.

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