Todd Montgomery – What’s Your Phoenix Factor – lessons learned from stories of overcoming adversity

Resilience is a hot topic, defined as the ability to bounce back from adversity. Phoenix Factor is something more. It’s your capacity to endure adversity – even to be overwhelmed by it – and to use those experiences to be reborn stronger than you were before. We all have this ability and, like a muscle, it develops with use. Join us to discover your Phoenix Factor and what it means for you: how strong yours is now and how you can grow it. We’ll talk about when we’ve fallen on our faces and bounced back, as well as sharing the lessons we learned that helped us to forge new paths and fresh directions. Learn today how a strong Phoenix Factor will enhance and enrich your own quest for personal and professional wellbeing.

Resilience-based skills such as Phoenix Factor have wide-ranging application to people’s endeavours at home and at work, personally and as part of groups. Crucially for this conference, it’s something best discovered and then developed via stories of both failure and success, which makes it both an individual capacity and a basis for deeper social connection.

Attending this workshop will help you:

  • Learn what Phoenix Factor is – how it relates (and differs from) resilience, how strong yours is and what it takes to develop it further
  • Talk about stories in order to recast “failure” as “learning” in meaningful ways
  • Gain practical tools and action steps to further personal development journeys

About Todd Montgomery:

Todd is the Founder of “Surfing Saved My Life – A Positive Change Story,” which promotes positive mental health practice and gives people the skills they need to have conversations about the things that are hardest to talk about. His surf-powered comeback story is equally dedicated to helping people learn ways to expand their innate resilience – their Phoenix Factor – and tap into their passions to get more out of life. He also writes and works in the areas of human behaviour and change in his consultancy Postive ChangeWorks. Todd is a Canadian-Australian who lives (and surfs!!) in Sydney’s Northern Beaches and is also a classically-trained chef, food experience designer and experienced mixologist.

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