10 Reasons to attend this years Story Conference

This year the Story Conference running from November 27-29th 2019 celebrates its 10 year anniversary and here’s 10 great reasons to attend and join with this great community of practice.

  1. Great location! – Returning to the venue of the first Story Conference – the conference this year themed on work-health-and-wellbeing will be at tranquil Abbotsford Convent
  2. Great food! Yes – we know the secret to a fantastic conference is the food and you’ll enjoy delicious lunches from the Abbotsford Convent Bakery
  3. A delicious conference dinner will provide a great way to relax and soak up the atmosphere of a Melbourne institution
  4. Four key streams of the conference focussed on: Storytelling tools and techniques, Personal development and transformation, Stories in Communities and Organisations, The role of Stories in Well-being
  5. Pre-conference workshops to choose from to get you warmed up to ways of working with story and narratives
  6. 32 great workshops to choose from with workshop leaders from all around Australia…. and the world!
  7. Melbourne Playback Theatre is performing…twice!
  8. The great learnings and insights …  With workshops ranging from Narrative Competence in Healthcare to How to lead with Humour, and Rewriting your fitness story to The Future of Belonging, there is literally a smorgasboard of learnings awaiting…
  9. We’ve had a history of superb feedback on how engaging, interactive, community building and simply fun this conference is! (Read here more about the last conference here)
  10. The people!  Over the years what we’ve noticed is that it’s the people that really make this conference. Come along and join in with this great community of practice exploring the many and various ways that stories and narratives can emerge and impact on our work, health and well-being.

Wondering how to register?  Simply click here.

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