Lisa Evans – The Power of Your Story

Stories have the power to heal, inspire, educate and connect. Humans are hard-wired to share stories, and when we share a story we can create an incredible moment between teller and listener, and when we do something magical takes place.

This session will see:

  • How to mine, refine and polish your story gems.
  • Discover how to share your story to connect, inspire, and captivate.
  • How to create a personal story based on 5 C’s of Compelling Storytelling. A simple formula to storytelling success.

About Lisa Evans:

Lisa Evans is known as The Story Midwife. Lisa is an international keynote speaker, author of three books, a Certified World Class Speaking and Storytelling Coach, a TEDx speaker coach, Media Trainer with Media Stable, and an improvisation actor with Perth Playback Theatre.

Lisa helps her clients mine, refine and deliver captivating stories for their business or brand. Whether it is the boardroom, ballroom, platform or podium she helps them craft powerful presentations with compelling stories that are hard to forget.

Before her transformational journey, Lisa worked for over 20 years as a midwife. Her purpose these days is to help bring life into the world in the form of stories and to empower others to speak with confidence.

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