We are now announcing the call for workshop presentations and will also be organising the pre-conference workshops for the 2019 conference.

See below for the half-day pre-conference workshops that were part of the 2016 conference.

BobDickHalf-day pre-conference workshop with Bob Dick
Exploring below the Surface: Eliciting Stories for Cultural Diagnosis
This half-day workshop will explore the use of story-elicitation and action research to access the less accessible aspects of organisational life.
Bob Dick is an independent scholar, an occasional academic, and a consultant in community and organisational change. He has been a practitioner and an academic for most of the past 45 years, enjoys both enormously, and continues to work in both fields.
 Fee: $290 per person +GST

 TomVergheseHalf-day pre-conference workshop with Dr Tom Verghese
 How does your culture influence your story?
This half-day workshop will explore cross-cultural stories that will be provided by participants, and will examine the impact that cultural stories have on your values and behaviours.
Dr Tom Verghese is an internationally renowned consultant, presenter, executive cultural coach and founder of Cultural Synergies.
 Fee: $290 per person +GST

RussellDealHalf-day pre-conference workshop with Russell Deal OAM
 The City of Lost Stories: In culture change, memory is everything
 This interactive workshop introduces a number of writing exercises, both playful and soulful that have been used successfully to reclaim and rewrite our stories.
Russell Deal is the Founder of St Luke’s Innovative Resources and now is the Director of his own freelance consultancy, ‘Metaphors Ink’. . Russell was awarded an OAM in 2014 for service to social work and the community. His highly interactive workshops are known for their humour and creativity.
Fee: $200 per person+GST

KymArthur  Half-day pre-conference workshop with Kym Arthur
  Unlocking your Story
Storytelling is a powerful tool. It help us engage heads, hearts and hands to drive change. Whether that change be at an individual, team or organisational level. “If you want to build a movement you have to tell a good story”. This session will help you unlock your own story and in doing so highlight the essential components of good storytelling.
Kym Arthur has extensive experience in using storytelling to influence change at both personal and organisational levels. In her current role in the Department of Premier and Cabinet she has used it to navigate complex organisational change and enhance culture.

Fee: $200 per person+GST




David DrakeHalf-day pre-conference workshop with Dr David Drake
Creating moments of meeting: An experiential introduction to Narrative Coaching
This highly experiential session will show you how to get to the crux of issues more quickly. Your important conversations (coaching or otherwise) will become more spacious and more generative. As a result, you can bring forth more of the whole story and address more of what truly matters.
Dr David Drake is the Director of the Center for Narrative Coaching & Design. He is the founder of the field of narrative coaching and has taught this work in 15 countries. He is a regular presenter at WBECS and a Thought Leader for the Institute of Coaching at Harvard Medical School.

Fee: $290 per person+GST