Cathryn Lloyd – Reflections on a conference

CathrynLloydWorkshop Title:

Reflections on a conference:  Making the Intangible Tangible – working with arts and aesthetics in organisational life

Workshop Description:

In September 2016 I will be convening a stream Making the Intangible Tangible and attending the 2016 Art of Management and Organization Conference in Bled Slovenia.  We have over 20 proposals for this stream ranging from workshops to short presentations. My intention would be to share the experience and give highlights from our stream and from across the conference theme, which embraces the arts and aesthetics as critical design elements – as inquiry, methodology, development resources, to explore, feel and express the felt, sensory and emotional aspects of management, leadership and daily organizational life. The session would be a combination of presenting ideas, discussion and possible activities.

If people got the best of the session what would they leave with?

An insight into the ‘artful’ and creative ideas and concepts presented in relation understanding the intangible aspects of organisational life.  This is the felt, sensory and emotional aspects that so often go under the radar seeks out novel ways of exploring, feeling and expressing management and organization through the arts.

How is this session connected to the conference theme?

At this stage this is an emerging proposal as the conference happens in September.  My intention would be to share ideas and experiences from the conference.  Given the focus is on how the arts can be used to understand organisational life I believe there will be a number of new ideas that can be shared with conference delegates.  It will be a combination of presentation and emergent discussion.  There may well be activities and processes that can be shared with participants.  There will be a number of stories to share that will highlight how the arts and aesthetics can influence and transform organisational/cultural change.

About the Workshop Presenter:

Cathryn Lloyd is a facilitator, creative development coach, and educator. She is the Founder/Director of Maverick Minds, a creative professional development consultancy that designs powerful and flexible learning experiences for a range of people and purposes. Cathryn has extensive experience across the creative industries, arts, business, management, and education. With a design background Cathryn brings a multi-disciplinary learning and engagement approach to her work with clients. Cathryn’s clients include corporate, public, not for profit/social enterprises, and individuals. She has worked across various sectors including environmental health and safety, engineering, corrections, education, accounting, human resources, community services and small entrepreneurial starts ups delivering professional development and bespoke workshops designed to help clients reach their optimum potential. Underpinning Cathryn’s work is a belief that creativity is the heart of human endeavour and is a much-needed capability regardless of the work we do.

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