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DrDavidDrakeWorkshop Title:

Changing the Way We Change: An Experiential Introduction to Narrative Design

Workshop Description:

We will draw on David’s work in scaling narrative coaching to explore a new paradigm for developing people and organisations at the same time so they both can flourish. The session builds on his pioneering work in the formation of integrative development theory and offers four cases through which you can experience narrative design in action. It is about bringing our approach to development in line with the world in which we live and the challenges we face. It is about creating what he calls “cultures of contribution” that goes beyond mere engagement, gets more value from investments, and enables people and organisations to adapt more quickly.

If people got the best of the session what would they leave with?

  • Appreciating the mandate for a fundamental shift in how change and development happen at work
  • Understanding the four needs that people have at work and why engagement is no longer enough
  • Understanding the four phases in narrative design and their corresponding element in integrative development theory—and why each of them is needed in order to sustain change
  • Experiencing this work first-hand through engaging with peers on one of the client case stories:
    • A bank’s finance team became significantly more influential through better narrative leadership
    • An international NGO improved the working relationship across a food supply chain
    • A nonprofit shifted from a medical model to a coaching model in response to changes
    • A government agency realigned its staff, services and resources based on client data

How is this session connected to the conference theme?

It provides a fresh approach to change and culture from an integrative and narrative perspective.

About the Workshop Presenter:

Dr David Drake is the Director of the Center for Narrative Coaching & Design. He is the founder of the field of narrative coaching and he has taught this work to practitioners in 15 countries. He has worked in the coaching space for the past twenty years and developed a deep knowledge of how to facilitate transformative change using people’s own stories in unique ways.

He is the author of the new book, Narrative Coaching: Bringing Our New Stories to Life (available at conference) and over forty publications on narratives and coaching. His next books are an introduction to narrative design (narrative coaching at scale) and as co-editor of a reference-level handbook on coaching (Sage). He is a Thought Leader for the Institute of Coaching at Harvard Medical School.

He also has worked with over 70 organizations in designing and delivering innovative change, coaching and leadership programs. He has taught coaching skills to over 10,000 leaders, managers and professionals in organizations, primarily in support of strategic and culture change initiatives. Clients include CBA, Google, IAG, Logitech, Nike, Suncorp, Westpac and US and Australian federal governments. David lives in the San Francisco Bay Area and has collaborative partners in a number of countries.

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