Josh Samuels – Mythology of Your Life

Josh SamuelsWorkshop Title:

Mythology of Your Life

Workshop Description:

Myths are powerful symbolic stories that bind our world together. Just as King Arthur, Athena and Luke Skywalker are the protagonists of their world, you too are the main character in your own individual Hero’s Journey. This class will give you experience of how mythic themes and ideas play out in cultural stories today, and how you can slay the dragon who guards the gold within you. There will be a breakdown of Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey as well as interactive and practical tools to help you apply this transformative story structure to your projects, clients and personal life.

If people got the best of the session what would they leave with?

I would like people to leave the session with the belief that The Hero’s Journey is more than just an academic concept to be debated and thought about. Myth and all stories, come alive when we experience them and use them to go through life changes.

How is this session connected to the conference theme?

My proposal connects with the spirit of the conference by demonstrating how the Hero’s Journey can help people navigate through their lives and careers. The mythological stages identified within Joseph Campbell’s work can be applied to a wide range of areas: personal, professional, and spiritual. By identifying where you are at on the cycle of the Hero’s Journey you can see what practical and inspirational steps need to be taken next.

About the Workshop Presenter:

Josh Samuels is a writer and producer originally from Marin County, California who lives and works in Melbourne, Australia. After graduating from the University of Southern California he moved down under. Josh has written and produced theatre in New Zealand and written for television in Australia and New Zealand. Besides writing for over 15 years and having a deep abiding love for mythology, he is possibly one of the only Americans to be huge fan of the game of cricket.

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