Stimulating Story-based Social Entrepreneurship — Opportunity to Pitch

MicrophoneAre you or your organisation passionate about a particular social issue?

Do you have a social issue you are passionate about doing something about? Does your organisation have a focus or interest in addressing any key social issues such as homelessness, poverty, social isolation, mental health and well-being?

At this year’s Story Conference we are seeking to provide an opportunity for people and organisations to pitch about particular social issues that they would like to get behind and do something about. The stimulating story-based social entrepreneurship stream running on Thursday 24th November 2016 from 4:30-6pm will provide the time and space for emergent discussions and action planning around tackling the difficult and challenging problems put forward.

The vision is that this session will provide the opportunity to connect individuals and organisations together with interested budding social entrepreneurs at the conference and through the flow of good will from the conference look to address some of the contemporary social challenges our society is currently facing.

What is story-based social entrepreneurship?

The Story Conference is a unique and innovative conference founded 8 years ago in Melbourne, Australia, and seeks to provide a place for exploration and learning around the many different applications of story and narrative techniques for individuals, organisations and communities. With story and narrative techniques being a humanistic and compassionate approach to change, the conference is looking to provide a connection for those attending to go forth and be involved in contributing to some good in the world. This becomes something that lives on beyond the conference.

How can you get involved?

 If you are serious about putting forward and addressing a social issue and also have the ability to provide some support by way of time, money, grants or people, please contact the convenor of the conference: Andrew Rixon by email:

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