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red crocsAs part of this years Story Conference I’m committed to producing and publishing a book titled – “100 Story-based Activities to Influence Cultural Change”. This book will be published in 2017. In the meanwhile, I thought I’d share something to whet the appetite.

Below is a link to a book I wrote about using fairy tales as a way of getting beneath the surface and into the rich experiences of real life in organisations and beyond.

The method of working with fairy tales I’ve called “Creative Storying” – and this term covers a wide range of applications… I can see a number of examples of creative storying sessions at this years conference – they include:

Josh Samuels session on : Hero’s Journey – Mythology of your life
Melbourne Playbacks – Theatre leading organisational culture change
Bob Dick’s pre-conference workshop on Exploring beneath the surface
Russell Deals pre-conference workshop on The City of Lost Stories

But I do digress…

Download your free copy of my ebook titled “Opening Up: Creative Storying at Work” here.

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