Ivan Chew – Removing Fear and Engaging Your Stakeholders

IvanChewWorkshop Title:

Removing Fear and Engaging Your Stakeholders

Workshop Description:

Fear plays a lot in our lives, and what most people fear is change.  The uncertainty, the assumed negative results and the anxiety of not being heard poison both the process and end deliverable of that change.  Getting buy-in from stakeholders is easier by making them part of a bigger narrative.  In this workshop, we will understand what fear is and how it isn’t a bad thing.  Using project management techniques, improvisational games and storytelling, attendees will use skills to help deliver programs encompassing the different learning and influencing types of process and creative.

If people got the best of the session what would they leave with?

Attending participants will gain skills and techniques which they can apply in any situation to affect change and collaboration with minimal associated fear.

How is this session connected to the conference theme?

Using project management, improvisational games and storytelling, provides a practical approach to all levels of organisations which can be tailored more for process at the Executive levels and more hands-on at the “coal face” level.

About the Workshop Presenter:

My passion is helping professionals who want to improve their confidence with presentation and interpersonal communication skills. I’ve helped them manage their fear of failure, enhance communication and confidence.   By applying a range of improvisational games, psychology, project management and storytelling techniques I helped a designer who was feeling unconfident, unloved and unworthy to achieving the confidence she needed to secure a job she loved and is able to communicate better with her family.   What makes me different? I understand the corporate/commercial environment because I’ve been there since 1996. I understand the nuances, needs and benefits of Western and Asian cultures having been raised in both. I understand the differences, yet how both organisational and project processes can empower creativity and innovation, and vice versa.

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