Pre-Con with Bob Dick — Exploring below the Surface: Eliciting Stories for Cultural Change

BobDickAbout the Half-Day Pre-Conference Workshop: Wednesday 23rd November 2016 from 9-12 noon


You can incorporate story into many diagnostic processes.  Doing so can open up the possibility of using the processes for cultural diagnosis and cultural change.


The learning objectives for this workshop are:

  • learn specific and useful story-based techniques, especially for cultural diagnosis
  • learn how to enrich data-gathering techniques by incorporating elements of story
  • understand how and why story and similar indirect techniques are effective for cultural diagnosis and intervention.


This workshop is for: Consultants, facilitators, HR professionals, people in leadership roles — virtually anyone who wishes to add to their use of story and narrative techniques in their repertoire.


About Bob Dick:


Bob Dick is an independent scholar, an occasional academic, and a consultant in community and organisational change. He has been a practitioner and an academic for most of the past 45 years, enjoys both enormously, and continues to work in both fields. In both he uses concepts and processes from action research, action learning, action science, narrative, and community and organisation development to help people (including himself), organisations and communities to improve their work, learning and life.


You may have attended  his workshops or engaged him as a facilitator or consultant or facilitator.  If so, you’ll know that he often uses story in his work.  He also builds story-based techniques into many of the diagnostic and change processes that he uses.


He resides in Brisbane’s leafy western suburbs with the love of his life, Camilla.

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