Dr Tom Verghese – Hero, Hardship, Highlight

This workshop provides an opportunity for participants to:

  • Facilitate the building of relationships organically between team members.
  • Develop higher levels of trust within the team
  • Build a better collaboration between team members

It encourages the participants to reflect on 3 key questions revolving around Hero, Hardship and Highlight and utilise their reflections to bring better outcomes in their everyday lives.

Participants will leave the session having a better understanding of working collaboratively with groups by developing trust and building relationships.They will have the knowledge to be able to run the workshop themselves and teach other how to as well.

About Dr Tom Verghese:

Dr Tom Verghese is an internationally renowned consultant, author, presenter, executive cultural coach and founder of Cultural Synergies. He has 27 years of global consulting expertise in the areas of Diversity and Inclusion, Unconscious Bias, and high-performing teams and leaders. With an extensive global client base of Fortune 500 companies from oil and gas, pharmaceuticals, automotive, manufacturing, higher education, entertainment, FMCG and financial services, he is a well-respected thought leader in the CQ field. Dr Verghese is the author of 4 books and was born and raised in Malaysia. He currently resides in Melbourne.

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