Ivan Chew – Our Perceptions of Wellbeing – An Interactive Dive

Using a mixture of improv-based activities, some design thinking and collaborative reflection, Ivan will help uncover the hidden beliefs and truths of what wellbeing means to different workplace archetypes. A high level strategy to enact the shift in behaviours to achieve those buried health goals will be explored as well.

The workplace is composed of not just the human interaction but also the physical built environment. The perception and use of those environment can either nurture, hinder or reward us with a greater sense of physical, mental and social wellbeing and in turn, a better end result for the organisation meeting their strategy.

About Ivan Chew:

Culture eats Strategy for breakfast – our behaviour shapes our experiences and interactions with our human, man-made and natural environments. From experiences as a Senior Workplace Strategist, construction Project Manager, coach, stage performer and puppeteer in organisations from the ABC, NSW Department of Finance and the private sector, a mix of skills can work in synergy – just like any workforce; you just need to find the connections. Currently completing a postgraduate course in psychology, Ivan brings a mix of play, perception and process to help those who seek it in the corporate and personal space.

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