Kate Lawrence -The Story is In the Details

After introducing the basics of story structure and the crafting process, participants will chose a personal memory they want to work on, and in groups of four, they will play a Story Game using this memory.

This game has been developed from experience coaching and crafting stories. It has been used many times in workshops with great feedback. The game is aimed at eliciting both the details and crafting nuances that create great story ‘telling’, and the depth of reflection and meaning making that makes a story meaningful.

This workshop will see you leaving with: A basket full of colour and movement from your memories, an experience of exploring the elements that go into making a story, listening as three others do the same, and a deeper understanding and connection to your own history, who you are and where you have come from.

About  Kate Lawrence:

By the circuitous route of local government, community engagement and disaster preparedness, Kate Lawrence, who spent 17 years as a community lawyer, working for community legal centres and Victoria Legal Aid, is now a wee bit one-eyed about enabling human connection and understanding through through story, circle, purpose and play. Kate has deep and wide experience with these processes and passionately believes that can we use them to humanise the workplace. She is also an experienced performing storyteller and TEDx speaker.

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