Whose Lines Are They Anyway? Co-constructing useful stories as a leader and coach

As a leader or as a coach, you need to ensure that you are shaping stories that move things in the right direction. Dive into this pragmatic 90-minute sweet spot of Solutions Focus, Applied Improvisation and Storytelling to generate powerful ways of communicating with audiences, colleagues and clients.

This workshop takes you step by step through activities that will have you telling stories as never before. Drawing on lessons from journalism, PR, theatre, film-making, psychology and your own rich experiences, you will:

  • Gain a fresh appreciation of the importance of the stories you are telling
  • Improve your skills at making stories compelling and memorable
  • Learn how to co-create life-enhancing stories with your different audiences

Once upon a time, any story would do. No longer. Audiences have zero tolerance for boredom. And what we are working on is too important to get wrong. You can no longer afford to repel the audiences you need to attract.

Let’s tell better stories.

About your Workshop Leaders

Paul Z Jackson is a consultant, facilitator and coach, previously a journalist, theatre director and BBC comedy producer. Author or co-author of several books about improvisation, coaching and organisations, he’s on the accreditation team of the UK Association of Solution Focused Practice and President Emeritus of the Applied Improvisation Network.

Janine Waldman MSc FCIPD is an executive coach, organisational development consultant and facilitator specialising in positive approaches to change. Attracting a wide range of clients from DP World and Zain Telecommunications to Metropolitan Police, Imperial College, local authorities and charities, she is co-author of  ‘Positively Speaking: The Art of Constructive Conversations with a Solutions Focus’ and ‘The Resilience Pocketbook’.

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