6 Word Stories reflecting on The Story Conference 2019

The six word story was supposedly made famous by Ernest Hemmingway with “For sale, baby shoes, never worn” … it also forms a great way to quickly and effectively invite people to reflect on a topic or area of inquiry.. as has been described in Activity 87 – 6-word-memoirs contributed by Russel Deal in The Story Cookbook.

What follows below are a collection of 6 word stories conference participants shared when asked to reflect on the Story Conference 2019 held November 27-29th:

Great networking, highly enthused, still talking!
Personal storytelling drives reflection, learning, direction.
Play in the woods before dark
Low key process threads through story-interaction.
Arrived anxious, dwelt comfortably, left inspired
Hi there. Tell me your story.
Echoes of present, past and future
Words and feelings, partners in crime.
Believe, you can rewrite your story
Tellers of stories are teachers undiscovered
big rooms,full of of stories and people.
I love this 6 word play…so I have some choices:    My Story, Your Story, Our Story   or  Our stories create courage and connection.   or  Old Stories + New Stories = Change  or  Our reality is in our stories.
committed people, who care, great work
Story telling is best with friends.
Three days’ food feeds for years.
People learning together, through stories shared.
Delightful inviting warm stimulating balanced happiness
Inbox three messages. new friends made.
Open mind, open heart? Empowered stories.
So many stories…many common threads
Intrigued, I step into discovery mode.
I have nothing to say.
new insights, to share and use
Plenty of fun, emotions at play.
Storytellers came, told, listened and broke bread together.
Own your story, not another’s story
Sharing story experiences doing good
opening hearts and minds against silence
Fantastic company, stories shared, enlightenment received
Time to share with story lovers.
Stories bring us all together, better.
We gather  Over stores  Experiences shared
Stories are both unique and universal.
It’s not hemmingway but I will try: wonderful people, great ideas, open minds, caring hearts and new inspiration.
My story won’t die with me
Lovely people, wonderful workshops, excellent environment
Lived experiences, bare feet, changing directions
Change through story; who’d have thought…….
Anxious hopes  great exchange, new journies
I met an amazing interesting human
Flowing words, warm company, soul food.
We changed a story when needed
awesome, awesome, awesome, awesome, awesome, awesome,
Untold stories told, hearts aerated, complete.
Life is story, stories are life.

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