Facilitating with Stories: The Story Cookbook Vol 2 – Story Bistro

Do you use stories as part of your facilitation practice?  Are you interested or passionate about working with story and narratives within your group work and facilitation? If so you are invited to join us for the Story Bistro a special online series of experiential and collaborative conversations about facilitating with stories.

Cathryn Lloyd and I are excited to announce that we’ve started curating the second volume of The Story Cookbook, and we would love to invite all those who are interested to set sail with us for a special series of conversations that will see us:

  • Connect as a community of practitioners
  • Experiment and learn with activities from the first Story Cookbook: practical recipes for change
  • Collaboratively explore the provenance and personal philosophy of your facilitation practices and specifically how story and narratives relate to your practice
  • Experiment and test new story-based activities which can become part of a contribution to the volume 2 and your facilitation practice

The series of conversational experiential workshops will begin on Wednesday 12th August running from 7-9pm and continue through the 19th and 26th August.  The schedule for the sessions is listed below:

  • Session 1 – Wednesday 12th August 7-9pm AEST– Opening up and playing with The Story Cookbook Vol 1 Activities and diving into Facilitation Philosophies
  • Session 2 – Wednesday 19th August 7-9pm AEST– Deepening of Facilitation Philosophy Stories and exploring New Story Activities through the Experimental Story Hub
  • Session 3 – Wednesday 26th August 7-9pm AEST – New Story Activities Open Space and next steps for Volume 2 cookbook

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We’ll look forward to seeing you!

— Andrew Rixon and Cathryn Lloyd

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